Our Features


The TEMS provides a singular location for all your employees (and vendors) to find company event information. Everything from basic event information to specific documentation like event floor plans and customs forms can be found in one place. Users can access all current and past event information.


The TEMS allows you to track an unlimited number of customer meetings in one place. Built-in search and sort functionality allows you to find and edit meeting information quickly and run comprehensive reports before, during and after an event.


Maintain an unlimited number of company representatives at an event. Add them to the event and determine their requirements for the event. Have all of your attendees contact info at your disposal as well as their product knowledge.


The TEMS gives you the option to maintain transportation requirements for any event. It allows you to work hand in hand with your vendor to meet your transportation needs. Everything from airport pickups to chauffeur-driven cars can be scheduled, viewed and confirmed with the TEMS.


With the TEMS you never have to worry about arriving at an event to find you don’t have a hotel room! Enter your hotel requirements and receive confirmation of your booking BEFORE you ever leave home. Work with your hotel vendor or the hotel directly to maintain ALL your accommodation requirements.


ALL event, meeting, and system changes are tracked so you can see when an update was made and who made the change!


The TEMS comes with feature rich reporting capability! Run event, meeting, attendee reports. Whether you want to run a report for ALL event meetings, meetings for a specific attendee, or a grid to see attendee or room availability, the TEMS can help.

Support & Training

The annual subscription comes with 24/7, 365 support and training. Training sessions come with your subscription and can be purchased if you want a little extra info!

Mobile App

All functionality works on desktop computers, iPhone, Androids, iPads, you name it! As long as it has a browser it will let you make updates and changes on the fly. Company attendees have “View Only” access before, during, and after events.

More Capabilities

Secure user login with robust security protocols. Passwords stored hashed in database. Control what email addresses can request access to the system. Ability for users to request password reset.


Company – maintain company representatives

Customer – maintain list of all customers that have met with your company

Vendors – maintain a list of vendors and services they provide. Currently supports Travel and Hotel

Company controlled “Settings” that allow you to customize the system to your companies structure and requirements

Control who can “Access” the event on a per event basis. User’s must “Request Access” if they wish to enter the event.

An “Overview” allows all users to see the basic event information and attendees for an event.

Maintain all meetings for the event with all users having “View Only” access and users with permissions having editability. Robust search and sort capability.

“Meeting Request” functionality allows ALL attendees to enter their own meeting requests. These “Requests” must be acknowledged by an event admin to have them become “Meetings” in the system.

Attendee Data Grid – choose a list of event attendees and see their meetings in a “Grid” view to check availability

Room Availability Grid – choose a list of event venues and see their meetings and availability

Room Status Display – an “Airport” like display that will show the current meetings in progress as well as meetings that are coming up. Can use this to put a tablet outside of a venue and have the tablet automatically tell you the room status.

Comprehensive online help system